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backing in. slowly.
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April 6, 2011

Oh, my. I've neglected my blog...

Wow. Forgot all about my blog. oops. (Couldn't even remember how to sign on...)

Why now, you ask? I have a need to write, once again.

Sitting here, oh, sometime around noon. On my 2nd glass of wine, celebrating.

My daughter went into labor in the early morning, THIS morning. Today is her actual due date, big surprise, really. BUT--she is truly an extraordinary person. Her last child was born at home, with a midwife. The child before that, her 1st one, was born in a birthing clinic. Sarah has researched, and researched again--she came to the conclusion that at-home births were the way to go. I applaud her for that, and I agree with her. If you could have been there, for Grey's birth, at home, you would agree with us both. The serenity, (yes--I actually said serenity), was the way it truly should be. I have been so proud of my daughter ever since.

After her water broke this morning, it was clear that not all was right. The baby had, for want of a more medical term, pooped. I don't understand all this, you realize, so hang in there with me. My son-in-law's mother tried to explain it to me, (she's a nurse). Anyway, this prompted a visit to the local hospital, where it was THEN determined that the baby was breech. (As was her mother AND her father, by the way.)

Before I knew what was happening, my daughter was whisked away by well-meaning, BUT been-there-done-it-before-type, orderlies. To the OR. For a Caesarean Section. Sarah was in tears, I was in tears for her. Her wishes for a home birth were now officially dashed.

Now...for the good part.

Within, no kidding, 1 hour (or so. believe me, I wasn't consulting my watch) Sarah's 2 bestest buddies came running back to the room we were waiting in:

"Guys! Get down here! Jeremy has the baby!!"

I bolted out of that room so fast my poor old granny-legs/hips were screaming. As I ran down the hallway, I spotted my son-in-law, just ahead. Someone, I'm not quite sure who, in the confusion, shouted:

"It's a GIRL!!!"

Do I REALLY need to tell you? I burst into tears? Like an old Grandma? On medication? My heart was bursting with happiness. I have to say now--I've been through the joy of childbirth. I know how that love is the best you'll ever feel. Really? REALLY?? Nope.

The best love you'll EVER feel? When your child's dreams are realized. My daughter and her husband have 2 boys they love very much. They are the best parents I've ever met. I knew my daughter wanted a little girl. We didn't talk about it through the whole of her latest pregnancy, because the odds were: Another Boy. Which would have been wonderful. What could possibly be better than another perfect little boy? Right?

Let's just say...I am truly so happy right now, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or simply have another glass of wine.

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Geri said...

Actually, I thought your dreams of an alien kidnapping and probing had come to fruition. I've missed you on facebook too. Congrats on the new baby girl!