backing in. slowly.

backing in. slowly.
and oh so very carefully.

Come on in. Relax. Put your feet up.

Wine? Coffee? Tequila?

July 13, 2010

sometimes life just up and smacks you upside the head

Sitting in the party garage Sunday evening...and, yes, drinking a beer...
Can't draw breath. Can't move. Can't talk. Felt like someone reached into my chest and squeezed. Hard.
Duane grabs his phone to dial 911. All I can do is wave a hand in the air...NO!NO!NO! (I'm a bit stubborn. No one's taking ME to the hospital. Not until I have time to think this over.) 5 or 10 minutes later--I have no idea how much time passed--it's over. Duane is white as a sheet, darn near ready to cry. My own eyes are leaking, apparently from god-knows-what. I take a deep breath, wipe my eyes, think about getting out of my chair.
Fast forward to Monday morning. Now, mind you, I gave up doctors 5 years ago. They hurt me. They take all my money. Just don't like 'em. But I'm scared. And poor Duane was up 3 times in the night, checking on me.
I haul my ass down to the local clinic, walk in, announce I think I had a heart attack last night. The receptionist's eyes go all big and she literally pulls away from me. Checks with the Practitioner, comes back, tells me to continue hauling ass--straight to the ER. OK. No problem.
Long story short...3 hours in the ER. Everything's just fine. No sign of a heart attack. No tumor. No lung clot. Blood pressure, excellent. They even left a cute little electrode-thingy under my arm. (souvenir?) I'm now the proud owner of 2 full sheets of "How to Quit Smoking", and the most adorable little bottle of baby aspirin. (chewable. orange. nummy).
Please tell me peace of mind is worth $1000. Please.